We’re on a mission to reduce food waste for two vital reasons—our communities and our climate.

First, we’re helping our neighbors facing food insecurity by partnering with food rescue organizations to redistribute excess food.
Less hunger, more goodness.

Second, food waste is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, which negatively affect our climate. Those emissions come from both the resources needed to produce food in the first place, as well as from disposing of food that never reaches our plates.
Less waste, more goodness.


For Earth Week 2020, we partnered with select retailers to donate a week’s worth of profits* to two food rescue organizations--City Harvest in New York and We Don’t Waste in Denver, Colorado. They both work with a range of partners to rescue food and redistribute it to individuals in their communities. Learn more about these organizations and join us on our journey to cut food waste!

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We buy our milk from farmers we know and trust. We’re partnering with them to minimize the environmental impact of dairy farming while promoting animal welfare practices, which are audited through third-party verification.



We understand that healthy soil is absolutely crucial. That’s why about half of our milk comes from farms that are taking part in Danone North America’s soil health program, mapping and measuring their soil. They’re implementing practices that will increase organic matter and improve the ability of the soil to sequester more carbon, reduce erosion, increase water retention and support biodiversity.



The majority of our yogurt cups are made from #5 polypropylene plastic, which is recyclable in many communities. (We’re working to transition the rest of our cups over to plastic #5 as soon as we can.) Please check to make sure your local curbside recycling or drop-off recycling center accepts plastic #5, and then toss in those empty cups. For more recycling information, check out how2recycle.

Our yogurts proudly carry the Non-GMO Project Verified seal. That means they’re made with Non-GMO Project verified ingredients, including milk from cows that eat Non-GMO Project Verified feed. We’re happy to deliver transparency and third-party verification to our fans.

As part of Danone North America, Two Good is proud to belong to the Certified B Corporation® community. Together with other B Corps™, we are leaders in a global movement of people using business as a force for good™. Certified B Corporations® meet the highest standards of verified overall social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, and aspire to use their collective voice to redefine success in business by actively fostering a healthier environment and stronger communities.

*Net profits after expenses April 20 through April 26, 2020, up to $100,000 to be donated to City Harvest and We Don’t Waste equally.